What We Learnt From ICE Totally Gaming 2017

The start of February 2017 saw the start of the ICE Totally Gaming convention in London. It is one of the seminal events in the online gaming calendar, and one of London’s most anticipated expos. The convention brought together all the leading names in online casino gaming, with software providers and gaming manufacturers. So, what did we learn from the event, and what did it tell us about how the industry is shaping up?


There’s a Lot of Competition

An important thing to note from the convention is just how competitive this industry is. There are so many different manufacturers and businesses all offering similar things. And it’s difficult for a lot of them to find an audience in the saturated marketplace. That’s why it’s so important to use these events as a way of showcasing what your business can do. There is a lot of competition, and it’s crucial that business owners find a way to make their presence felt. We found that the businesses that stuck out for us were Vera and John online casino, NetEnt, Mr Green (another online casino), and Play ‘n’ Go all for their different reasons.


USP Matters


Another thing to take away from ICE Totally Gaming is the importance of USP (unique selling point). If you think about it, all casinos are much of a muchness. They are basically the same, and many offer the same games. So, it’s important to look at what the unique selling point of your online casino might be. What can you do differently to bring in the punters and the top clients? There is so much choice, but you need to stand out to make sure people pay attention and take notice of you.

Technology Reigns


This is an industry wholly built around technology. There are so many ways in which tech is used to benefit the industry and make a difference. Think about the whole online casino gaming platform. It’s an entirely tech-based industry, and that’s why it’s so important to have the latest and greatest in technological developments. Think about what you can use to help make your casino experience better for customers, after all, that’s what matters.


Asia Are Innovating


Some of the most interesting and innovative industry trends right now seem to be coming out of Asia. This makes sense, as the Asian gaming industry is huge. They are constantly coming up with ways to get around the restrictions and to make the idea of gambling more appealing to customers. We could all learn a thing or two from studying how Chinese and Japanese companies are doing things. They always think outside the box and try to do things differently.