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What We Learnt From ICE Totally Gaming 2017

The start of February 2017 saw the start of the ICE Totally Gaming convention in London. It is one of the seminal events in the online gaming calendar, and one of London’s most anticipated expos. The convention brought together all the leading names in online casino gaming, with software providers and gaming manufacturers. So, what did we learn from the event, and what did it tell us about how the industry is shaping up?


There’s a Lot of Competition

An important thing to note from the convention is just how competitive this industry is. There are so many different manufacturers and businesses all offering similar things. And it’s difficult for a lot of them to find an audience in the saturated marketplace. That’s why it’s so important to use these events as a way of showcasing what your business can do. There is a lot of competition, and it’s crucial that business owners find a way to make their presence felt. We found that the businesses that stuck out for us were Vera and John online casino, NetEnt, Mr Green (another online casino), and Play ‘n’ Go all for their different reasons.


USP Matters


Another thing to take away from ICE Totally Gaming is the importance of USP (unique selling point). If you think about it, all casinos are much of a muchness. They are basically the same, and many offer the same games. So, it’s important to look at what the unique selling point of your online casino might be. What can you do differently to bring in the punters and the top clients? There is so much choice, but you need to stand out to make sure people pay attention and take notice of you.

Technology Reigns


This is an industry wholly built around technology. There are so many ways in which tech is used to benefit the industry and make a difference. Think about the whole online casino gaming platform. It’s an entirely tech-based industry, and that’s why it’s so important to have the latest and greatest in technological developments. Think about what you can use to help make your casino experience better for customers, after all, that’s what matters.


Asia Are Innovating


Some of the most interesting and innovative industry trends right now seem to be coming out of Asia. This makes sense, as the Asian gaming industry is huge. They are constantly coming up with ways to get around the restrictions and to make the idea of gambling more appealing to customers. We could all learn a thing or two from studying how Chinese and Japanese companies are doing things. They always think outside the box and try to do things differently.


Casino Marketing & Technology Conference 18th-20th July

Running a casino successfully is so difficult these days because the market is so saturated. So, it’s all about how well casinos can set themselves apart from the rest of the competition. This comes down to how well many of the companies market themselves and what they do to attract business and drum up interest.


That’s why there are a lot of casino marketing conferences that exist to guide casinos through the most successful and popular methods and techniques. From July 18th-20th of this year, the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference will take place in Las Vegas.


This conference has been running for over a decade and has provided and promoted progress for many casinos in the industry, it’s the main reason so many people head to BGO Casino. The world is changing, and technology is developing at a rapid rate, and casinos need to keep up if they want to be a success. If you are a casino owner you seriously need to consider attending this conference; it will really help you improve and develop your business.


Experience is the key to survival and progress in this industry, and, no matter how experienced you are, you can always gain more. It’s so important to make sure you and your business have plenty of experience if you want to go places. Customers are always looking to be surprised and wowed. And you may not know all the ways you can keep your clients surprised, that’s why it’s so important to do what you can to gain experience and wisdom from these sorts of conferences.


Here you will get to enjoy the experience and knowledge of guest speakers and industry heavyweights. You can learn first hand about all the ways in which technology is influencing and impacting on the industry. This will help you to prepare for the future and try to predict tech trends that will influence and impact the online casino industry.


As with all conventions and conferences, it’s important to use the opportunity to network as much as possible. This is a good opportunity to meet like-minded industry people and build long lasting working relationships.


The conference and its content are aimed more at those with a little experience in the industry. While you are welcome to attend as a novice, you may find it a little overwhelming. But, if you’re keen to assimilate, and you’re a quick learner, it could be perfect for you.


You will learn the value of straight talking and avoiding vague management speak. This is something that too mainly people get caught up with these days, and it can put clients off. The experience and wisdom you will gain from this conference will be invaluable when it comes to improving your casino business.


Entertainment Arena Expo 4th-6th September

Online gaming and entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry these days. And it’s important for people to have as much knowledge of the industry as they possibly can. The more you know about how things work, the better you can prepare your company for that.


The Entertainment Arena Expo is one of the annual casino and online gaming conventions to take place in Europe. It’s a coming together of industry professionals, and business owners looking to improve their output and attract more clientele. Taking place in Bucharest in early September, this expo is certainly one that should be attended by anyone trying to expand and improve their casino business.


So what can attendees expect to experience when they attend the casino expo. Well, there are a few different things on offer, and all of them can offer you something different. Let’s look at a few:



You can expect plenty of demonstrations and exhibitions at the conference. There will be a lot of different exhibitors there showcasing casino games and the latest in cutting edge casino software. You will be able to see demonstrations and try out some of the games as well. It’s an important and valuable part of the process and will help you to get the most out of the event. You will be exposed to some of the upcoming trends in the industry, and you’ll be able to stay ahead of the game as a result.




Of course, you must never forget about the benefits and opportunities for networking that this sort of expo can provide. You will be rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the online gaming industry. And this is the perfect opportunity to ensure that you get to know some of the international exhibitors and attendees who will be present. The opportunities for networking here we’re hugely important, and you will be able to develop healthy working relationships.


There are also plenty of talks taking place during the run of the Expo, and these will be hosted by guest speakers. You may have a specific thing you would like to know about, or you might just want to experience everything. These talks are a huge part of the expo, and they provide a very real opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and how it affects you. There will be a rota for what talks take place at what times, so you should keep an eye out if there is one in particular that interests you.


Global Gaming Expo 3rd-5th October

The Global Gaming Expo will take place in Las Vegas in October of this year, and offers the perfect environment for online casino heads. It’s a great place to attend and ensure that you are getting the up to date inside scoop on exactly what changes are happening in the industry.


It’s important to stay connected to the industry and ensure that you take the right steps forwards as a business. That’s one of the reasons why these gaming expos are so vital, and attending will give you a major advantage over your rivals.


The Global Gaming Expo reads like a who’s who of everyone who’s anyone in the online gaming world. And it’s important that you do as much as possible to ensure that you make the most of your time at the Expo and that you take in all the experience and information on offer.


This is a unique and exciting opportunity for you to be at the heart of the Vegas casino movement, and get to grips with how the industry works. If you can do that effectively, you will be able to put yourself and your business in the driving seat.


It’s certainly worth looking at what you want to gain from the experience of attending the exhibit. It might be your aim to gather more information and deepen your understanding of the way things work. It could be that you want to connect with other industry professionals, and build contacts. Or you could be showcasing your very own software or games for potential clients. No matter what your reasons for attending are, you need to make the most of your time there.


You will be able to use the floor plan provided to track down the booth or exhibition stand you want to find. You may even want to attend some of the talks that are taking place as well. These give a wonderful insight into the inner workings of casinos, and how to gear more things towards customers.


There are plenty of special events that may pique your interest as well. It’s this kind of thing that separates this particular exhibit from many of the others around. These special events, such as luncheons, fundraisers, and meet-and-greets are a wonderful opportunity to really absorb yourself in the industry.


Hopefully, when you attend you will find the experience to be a fulfilling and satisfying one. It will be something you can learn from, and the knowledge will help you to improve and better your own casino.


Global Gaming Expo Asia

Gaming Expos play a huge role in the gaming industry and present an opportunity for companies to strut their stuff. They are hugely popular, and a great way for companies to increase business and improve their client relationships.

2017’s Global Gaming Expo Asia will see the seminal annual event taken to even greater levels. The expo will take place in Macau, in the flagship casino The Venetian – believed to be the largest casino in the world.

The will showcase the power and might of the Asian gaming industry, and provide the location for numerous events, talks, and stands. Asia is leading the way in terms of gambling and gaming, and this is a further example of that.

Last year marked a decade of the Global Gaming Expo Asia and was the perfect place for showcasing gaming software and products for the Asian market. Technology is developing everything year when it comes to casino gaming, and companies need to be up to date as much as possible.

One of the most important parts of the expo is the so-called ‘Tech Talk’ section. This is where experts will hold talks about important and pertinent tech related things. Part of the key to being successful in the casino world is being able to predict industry trends and stay ahead of the game. In order to do that business owners need to understand how technology affects their business. That’s why it’s so important to have the benefit of Tech Talks in order to gain valuable insight and knowledge.

So the Expo for this year will look to follow a similar kind of pattern to last year. That means there will be great demonstrations of offline and online casino gaming and software. The floor of the convention is the perfect place for companies to showcase their software and gaming applications.

Which leads nicely to the other key aspect of any gaming convention – networking. And, Global Gaming Expo Asia offers one of the best opportunities for networking in the industry. Many of the top names in the industry will be there in attendance, and this presents great opportunities for people to make connections and build business relationships.

What You Need to Know About Crypto currency

Bitcoin is a form of electronic cash which is not printed or controlled like another currency. A person can use it even without understanding the technical details and can be easily installed mobile phone or computer. You can pay or get paid, buy things electronically, and also disclose your addresses to your friends. Most people use it because you do not need to pay any fees for setting up your account, and it is based on mathematics. Below are some tips for a new user.

Transactions: There is no transaction fee. It is optional and not a must but once paid; it can quicken the confirmation of a transaction. In order for a transaction to be added to a block chain, the player has to include the fees. The transaction that was generated depends on the number of inputs that were used to do the transaction. There is a private key that keeps a secret datum. A transaction can have many outputs, and so one can make a number of payments at once.

Privacy: Addresses of users are kept private, and their names are never used. Companies and individuals are allowed to know about any transaction done. If you need to have financial secrecy, you need to have different bitcoin addresses.

Theft: If there is another person who knows an address, then the bitcoins can be stolen. All the stolen bitcoins get transferred, and the network is not capable of knowing who the thief is and neither can it block any bitcoins being transferred and cannot return them to the owner. They also get stolen from black market sites, where they get exchanged for cash, and where illegal goods are bought.

Processing: To confirm waiting transactions, the mining system in normally used. Different computers are allowed to agree on the systems state.

Buying and Selling: You can sell or buy bitcoins online, but it can be risky because most of the online exchanges do not take the bitcoins of the clients with them. One can buy offline bitcoins from a person for precautions sake. There have been different reactions to bitcoin.

Some say it will not work while others have responded positively.

It is very efficient, and your money arrives a few minutes after the payment has been processed on the sitcom network.

The Future Of The Online Transactions

Bitcoin, introduced in 2009, is the latest innovative online payment system and a new kind of currency. This mode of payment common with the younger generation works without any bank involved that guides the use of this payment. In simple terms, this is an open public means of payment that is not controlled by anyone or any institution. Practically everyone can make their deposits, withdrawals and payments using them. Its administration is decentralized.

The online payment method that was invented by Satoshi is an easy person to person means of payment that can be sent from a PC, tab or phone at any time of the day and night. The method is also secure in that the systems used are highly encrypted; therefore, they cannot be stolen or lost in the process. The system is similar to that used in the military or government institutions.

Once you have made your transaction, you will realize that there is a minimal fee paid. This makes it very convenient and cheap compared to other modes of payment. If the process is a bit slow, you can pay a minimal fee to speed it up. Therefore, if you are making large scale transactions, it becomes very convenient.

The industry is manned by a block chain which acts as sort of a ledger recording all the transactions. This is accomplished without any central system to control it. The chain is maintained by a network of communicating nodes that run the coins software. These network nodes validate the transactions so as to verify the owner of coins as it moves from one owner to another.

For you to transact with them, you must have one or more units. For the transaction to complete, the units to be used must be unspent after they were last withdrawn. Moreover, every unit that you want to spend must be digitally signed in. If you have many outputs, you can make several transactions with each of the units. You can have more units than you will spend; the balance is returned as change.

The transactions are totally private, as the owners of the coins are not disclosed but other transaction details are relayed. There is no way the holder of the coins can be disclosed by name. However, the transaction can be traced back to you if need be.

Which Online Casino Now Accepts Bitcoins As Payment?

The European online casino Vera&John has recently become the first officially regulated online casino that will accept both deposits and withdrawals of the new electronic-based Bitcoin currency. The site, owned and operated by Dumarca Gaming Ltd, has been in operation since 2012. The company, which employs over one hundred people, has their official headquarters in Malta.

Due to this, they are regulated by Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority, which audits the company regularly to ensure that all bets are fair and that the site itself is secure. Now they are also affiliated with Satoshi Slot, a site that has been using Bitcoins for some time and is aware of the best way of working with the virtual currency. Bitcoin, at its core, is a very rapidly fluctuating currency. One amount of Bitcoins worth the equivalent of one hundred euros at the time that someone buys into a game might be worth substantially more or less by the end of it.

In order to avoid that sort of problem, Vera&John immediately sends the coins to Bitcoin wallet service provider Coinapult as soon as they are deposited. Coinapult then immediately converts them to Euros in order to preserve the currency amount, and deposits them back into the Vera&John account. When the gamer cashes out later, that amount is converted back into the amount of Bitcoins that it’s currently worth. This ensures a fair and stable gaming experience, while allowing the gamer to both pay in and cash out with their Bitcoins. A player is allowed to win up to five thousand Bitcoins off a single bet.

Vera&John’s status as an officially regulated casino means that they use the same software providers as Vegas-based physical casinos do. They are a large, respected company with games from such companies as Play’n GO, Betsoft, IGT, and Three Pigeons. This is unlike previous Bitcoin-based online gambling sites such as SatoshiDice, which would not be able to host games from companies like IGT so easily.

Their reputation and history as a regulated casino means that those companies are more willing and able to work with them. Overall, the introduction of Bitcoins to Vera&John is a step forward in the recognition of the virtual currency. There is more to be done, but gamers who want to use Bitcoin should feel encouraged.